The Hypocrisy of the Igbo Politician.

Micro level approach has been and still is the biggest propeller of development in saner climes. Of the six politically crafted geopolitical zones, the South East is lagging as regards infrastructural development.

It is safe to say that the South Eastern political elite is not bothered by this ugly trend. Not until recently, Aba, one of the commercial cities in the South East, could not boast of an overhead bridge considering the level of commercial activities that go on there.

Across the main political parties in Nigeria, the Igbo politician is keen on securing his political interest as opposed to regional development. In the ruling APC He argues that Bola is the way. Also, he argues that the opposition PDP is the natural party of the South Easterner.

In all, his argument is laced with selfishness. The average Igbo politician starting out in the South East, begins with regional marginalization rhetoric where he claims the federal government is controlled by the Hausa/Fulani ethnic extraction. He gains power by popular ethnic sentiment, completes his two terms in most cases, then joins his cohorts at the federal level to support one Nigeria.

He could be in charge of the house committee on road maintenance but the worst section of the East / West road would be the section that connects Aba and Port Harcourt. Once he makes it to the federal political corridor, every regional concern is gone. He becomes an uncooked nationalist for the interest of his pocket.

Once he is at the national level, sit-at-home becomes a ploy by enemies of Nigeria to destabilize Nigeria; it's no longer a means to convey South Eastern frustration with the Hausa /Fulani Igbo-hating cabal.

To accurately dissect what the South East needs, you need to sieve the truth from the lies and hypocrisy of the Igbo politician. He orchestrates carnage to gain political relevance. We must look inwards to redevelop and get back to where we were.


Onyeije Emmanuel Chizurum
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