Kyiv is preparing for spring offensive.

Kyiv is preparing for spring offensive

Anticipation is building in regards to a potential Ukrainian offensive. Western tanks began arriving in Ukraine after several weeks of intensive training for Ukrainian tank drivers in several European countries.

The arrival of the British Challenger 2 tanks, German Leopard tanks, and other military vehicles like the German Marder infantry vehicle, the US Bradley M2 infantry fighting vehicles, and the French AMX-10 RC armored fighting vehicles is expected to help Kyiv break through Russian defensive lines and cut that land bridge that runs from occupied Crimea through to the Luhansk region.

Progress has largely stalled for both sides. The Ukrainians have been on the defensive, especially in the heavily bombarded city of Bakhmut. The Russias, led by the private military group called Wagner PMC, have been throwing everything in order to take full control of Bakhmut, but 6 months down the line, the city is still heavily contested thousands have died on both sides in this largely symbolic city.

After over a year of fighting, both sides will be keen to show progress this spring, and momentum is on the Ukrainian side. If they can cut through the Russian land bridge, it'll create a huge problem for the Russians who need that route for military supplies to troops in the region.

Kyiv has shown they can indeed match the Russians if they're supported with weapons they need, and the Russians will be wary of that. With the partial mobilization yet to yield much dividend, pressure is on the Russians to push through and consolidate little gains they've achieved so far.

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