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Restoring security in the South East: The senator Ifeanyi Ubah approach

Driving through Nnewi with some friends early in the day, we saw some armed men all in a very long motor cade. When we went close to engage these batt

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Safety policies to implement in Nigeria's water tourism sector.

For some days I have been caught up in my own thoughts of why we are always tending to compromise quality and safety in virtually everything we do in

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Beyond skills, character is needed to thrive in business.

When people are admonished to learn a skill, one may not understand how important these admonitions are until you are faced with young people who have

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Nigeria as a sleeping giant

Over the years, right from when most of us were born down to this very period, which actively spans over thirty-five (35) years, Nigeria has always be

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The audacity of vision in a challenged society.

For a young Lady who owns the kind of curve and edges on Ms. Hilda Bassey, a talented, hardworking and distinguished Nigerian from oil rich Akwaibom S

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Masquerade Festivities in Anambra State: The Beauty and The Beast.

The masquerade society in this context is an exclusive secret society for males of Igbo origin. This society’s membership is made up of males who ha

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Who Protects the Nigerian Consumer?

Being a Nigerian citizen who resides in Nigeria, who is not yet filthy rich as being a Nigerian politician guarantees, has its benefits and tons of d

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The Art of Love Making.

Love making in this context is strictly an act of sexual intercourse between adult male and female who have made a conscious decision to have a genita

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Longevity and Numbers.

Longevity and numbers.

"Politics is a game of numbers" this phrase over the years has become the most referenced cliché of your favour

Onyeije Emmanuel Chizurum
"Saint Obi"

"Saint Obi"

No man is God, and none can claim to have God's credibility. To accord a man, the status of a saint leaves room for hefty m

Onyeije Emmanuel Chizurum
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