"Obi-dient Movement: The mob Justice Movement"

"Obi-dient Movement - The mob Justice Movement."

They are quick to judge, they are highly conditioned by emotions, and to them, opossition politicians are corrupt and should be lynched. It’s either their way or no way.

In the just concluded presidential and national assembly elections, Nigeria witnessed a wave of change, mostly enforced by a political mob called the obi-dient movement.

A movement guided by emotions is a recipe for disaster. The "obi-dient" movement lacks strategy, negotiating power, and political intelligence.

Furthermore, the result of Eti-Osa federal constituency is a reflection of the mob justice nature of this so-called movement.

The danger of the obi-dient movement is huge. It can be likened to the Arab spring of 2011. The Arab Spring gave so much hope to the Middle East and dashed their hopes afterwards. Gaddafi left, and Libya crumbled.

Weeks leading up to the general election, the obi-dient movement displayed what many would agree to be signs of extremism, especially with their verbal attacks on opposing views.

Their toxic nature makes them undiplomatic and unapproachable. There's no doubt Nigeria needs a third force. However, that force needs decorum, decency and diplomacy if it wants to achieve.

Like the Arab Spring, as the ‘negative’ goal of taking down the previous regimes was achieved, the different factions within the movement couldn't agree on a shared vision for what the new order would be.

If we are not careful, we could have a repeat of Libya. We must work together to tame this monster in the cloak of a political movement.

Onyeije Emmanuel Chizurum
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